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Assistant Property Manager


Our client is looking for an experienced multi-site residential Assistant Property Manager to handle a portfolio of condominium buildings and limited rental properties in the greater Puget Sound area. You will act as the primary contact to oversee and coordinate all property management, maintenance, and limited construction activities associated with small to midsized, multiple-building, unit condominium, co-op, and townhouse buildings.

SCHEDULE: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (1:00 AM – 10:00 AM Philippine Standard time), follows Philippine holidays




·       Serve as a point person for the community and board

·       Limit complaints and issues, but if problems arise mediate and resolve them with applicable parties

·       Assist in the long-term planning of the associations by bringing forward ideas, recommendations, and best practices to the board for consideration

·       Work directly with the board to keep current and act as a liaison for communication needs between the board and owners

·       Create and distribute board packets for the board and executive meetings

·       Monitor to ensure assessments are being posted properly

·       Update owner information to ensure accuracy

·       Monitor financial aspects of the associations

·       Review invoices to ensure the work has been completed, authorized by the board, and accurate

·       Review contracts to ensure all contracts are up to date and signed

·       Draft the annual budget for the associations and submit it to the board for review.

·       Oversee reserve study

·       Ensure yearly audits are completed

·       Ensure all information is posted about meetings, events, and any other association activities

·       Post, mail, or email notices or flyers, as necessary

·       Respond to customer service emails within 24 hours

·       Attend and run board meetings, as necessary

·       Answer calls as they come in

·       Formulate notices and letters as needed

·       Perform all other duties as assigned by the executive director


·       A Bachelor’s degree in the related field

·       3-5 years of experience in residential property management

·       3-5 years of experience preparing or presenting community-required documentation

·       Excellent oral and written communication, interpersonal, problem-solving, presentation, and organizational skills

·       Proficiency with property management software and communication tools

·       Ability to balance persuasion with professionalism.

·       Ability to showcase the client’s management services in a compelling way

·       Experience in a multi-client environment

·       Analytical skills with particular attention to detail and a quick learner

·       Aptitude in data management, analytics, reporting preparation

·       Ability to function in an autonomous environment—independent worker, self-directed