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Director of Finance


Our client is looking for a Director of Finance who will be responsible for ensuring the overall accuracy of billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, and insurance. 

SCHEDULE: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (1:00 AM - 10:00 AM Philippine Standard Time), follows Philippine holidays




·       Create and maintain a billing log of what each customer’s billing date and paperwork requirements are

·       Remind the project manager two days prior to the billing date that they need an SOV from them to be able to complete the billing

·       Turn in billing for each job, on time and complete all the required lien waivers

·       Obtain supplier lien waivers as requested to allow general contractors to release payment timing

·       Keep a log of each customer's requirements

·       Request the waiver in advance so as not to delay payment if the supplier lien waiver is required prior to releasing payment

·       Build a relationship with the person issuing the waivers

·       Process received payments and apply towards applicable invoices.  If the amount differs from the billing, then investigate the cause

·       Apply any joint checks towards applicable invoices. If the customer is going to issue joint checks, do not pay the material bills in advance. Instead, wait for the joint check so the bills are available to pay when the joint check is reserved

·       Make sure not to pay invoices to apply to a conditional lien waiver amount received from a supplier. This likely means it will be a joint check.  Once the checks are received for the billing period the waiver was for, those invoices can then be paid

·       Enter billing, credits, and invoices into QuickBooks such as job cost or anything that can be job costed

·       Use best practices as described by the CPA and CFO on where to apply items to

·       Flag any unknown items and send them to the CFO

·       Ensure that billing must be split into two entries; net billing and retention billing

·       Ensure that material must be split by type of material; drywall, framing, and fasteners

·       Provide reports including time by job and job cost details to project managers as requested

·       Complete the costs to-date and the billed to-date columns of the WIP for the previous month by the 10th of each following month

·       Manage the payment of when bills are due to avoid late fees

·       Ensure there is enough money in the account to be able to pay the bills

·       Pay the bills timely, or notify the CFO or CEO if there is not enough money

·       Ensure that any bills that will accept credit cards are to be paid with the credit card

·       Ensure that the credit card is to be paid off in full if it hits its max, or at the regular billing cycle

·       Review weekly time sheets and ensure payroll has accurately entered in the time and the hourly rates

·       Update hourly rates as needed for the job, raises, union scale changes, apprenticeship advances, and foreman scale

·       Create and maintain a log of who gets foreman pay for each job, and what the wage classifications are for each job, and ensure these are accurately depicted on the time sheets

·       Issue paychecks, pay stubs, and/or direct deposit in time to be received by the workers each Friday and adjust as needed for holidays

·       Monitor closely for any fraudulent or erroneous checks being printed and ensure amounts are accurate each month

·       Monitor Quick Bid and ensure that no fraudulent amounts are added to anyone’s checks, or checks being issued that should not be issued

·       Report any irregularities on the time sheets to the field personnel superintendent

·       Report any irregularities that may be theft to the CFO or CEO

·       Enter new employee information into QuickBooks and keep updated with any changes in information

·       Fill out intent to pay prevailing wage forms


·       A Bachelor’s degree in the related field is an advantage

·       Must have experience working in the construction industry

·       Experience in a multi-client environment

·       Strong computer aptitude, which includes expertise with Microsoft 365 applications

·       Strong organization, oral and written communication skills

·       Analytical skills with particular attention to detail

·       Aptitude in data management, analytics, reporting preparation

·       Ability to function in an autonomous environment—independent worker, self-directed