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Operations Manager


Our client is looking for an Operations Manager with senior operations experience who will drive operational excellence through strategic leadership and process improvement. You need to adapt to continued change, ensure customer engagement, and manage the team effectively.

SCHEDULE: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (10 PM - 7 AM Philippine Standard Time), follows Philippine holidays




·       Collaborate closely with the chief of staff to develop and execute operational strategies aligned with the company's overarching goals

·       Represent the company as a trusted leader in high-level discussions with unwavering confidence and authority

·       Ensure efficiency by overseeing and optimizing the company-wide operations to run smoothly

·       Implement best practices and streamlining processes

·       Keep a vigilant eye on key performance indicators to ensure that operational goals are met

·       Create and improve processes that lead to content that generates results for the customers

·       Identify opportunities for process improvement and efficiency gains across all the operational functions

·       Leverage technology, integrations, and automation to produce and execute with a lean internal team

·       Lead cross-functional teams in reengineering processes, and orchestrating a symphony of change that keeps the organization on the cutting edge

·       Understand how to navigate change with finesse

·       Develop and execute change management strategies that ensure the successful adoption of new processes, systems, and organizational shifts

·       Provide unwavering support and resources to guide the team through transitions

·       Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with customers by addressing their needs and concerns with the utmost professionalism and urgency, ensuring they remain loyal and satisfied

·       Collaborate with sales and customer service teams to enhance customer retention and solidify the reputation

·       Act as a mentor and a source of inspiration

·       Foster a culture of accountability, collaboration, and innovation to help each team member reach their full potential

·       Handle and will be highly involved in hiring, talent management, and professional development of all team members

·       Perform resource allocation and workload management to ensure that departmental goals are not only met but exceeded

·       Take care of our customers in a branded, friendly, proactive, and efficient manner with appropriate follow-up as necessary


·       Bachelor’s degree is preferred with a concentration in business, management, or a related field. A Master's degree is an additional advantage

·       Minimum of 10 years of progressive experience in operations management, with at least 5 years in a leadership role

·       Has a proven track record of successful team management and operational improvement

·       ClickUp experience is preferred

·       Experience transitioning and migrating to a new project management system is a plus

·       Impeccable verbal and writing skills with attention to detail, grammar, and style. A rockstar communicator who loves talking to people, both on the team and with the customers

·       Exceptional ability to command respect and influence at all levels within and outside the organization

·       Ability to pick up the phone and call when email or chat are not getting the issues/concerns done

·       Must demonstrate improvement in CSAT and retention

·       Extremely well-organized and comfortable in managing a lot of moving pieces at different stages, and making follow-up

·       Ability to manage calendar and keep tabs on specified and implied action items

·       Comfortable in a fast-paced environment and able to adjust daily schedule as urgent things come up without being frazzled or overwhelmed by it

·       A natural solution creator, and the ability to look for ways to work more efficiently and  to create positive change in the team

·       Ability to step up and create a solution

·       Flexible and adaptive as responsibilities change from time to time, and how things get done is evolving

·       Have a whatever-it-takes attitude, strong analytical, problem-solving, and research skills