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Senior Technical Support Specialist


Our client is looking for Senior Technical Support Specialist who will provide first and second-tier support for internal user issues or questions - triaging incoming Jira tickets and responding to basic questions via Slack. The role will collaborate with internal teams including Developers, Product Management, Customer Success, Client Strategists, Marketing, and Business Intelligence to provide a seamless user experience and solve any client issues, technical or process-related.

He/she will also foster and grow client and partner relationships by offering timely, personalized service, lead client calls, and manage short-term projects as part of more complex client or partner integrations. Good workflow and people skills are a must. The ideal candidate will have an interest in smaller technical tasks such as automation or basic SQL data analysis and daily looking to improve their own skills.

SCHEDULE: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (10:00 PM – 7:00 AM Philippine Standard Time), follows Philippine holidays




·       Integrate clients and their systems with products, leading client calls and managing short-term integration projects

·       Act as the primary point of product support for internal users as well as a global client base

·       Convey technology capabilities to internal users such as Customer Success and Account Management, crafting the message for the appropriate audience

·       Partner with Customer Success to address customers’ and prospects’ problems and needs from onboarding and integration throughout their relationship with the client

·       Advise the sales team, new prospects, and existing customers on the technical capabilities of the technology platform

·       Build a knowledge of the industry and become a product expert in order to become a “go-to” resource for solutions to problems big and small

·       Build creative solutions that address complex business problems

·       Learn to proactively identify technical issues and escalate unmet requirements to their supervisor, looking beyond the immediate problem to build efficient, long-term solutions

·       Configure client or partner XML/JSON feeds using import tools, document configuration, and guarantee data integrity

·       Provide JavaScript/Pixel/Webhook details for new clients or partners

·       Create, QA, and maintain Event Configuration to accurately track client or partner events from JS/Pixel/Webhook

·       Create action, analytics, insights, and JAMS user accounts for colleagues, clients, or partners

·       Be responsible for monitoring client health, pertaining to job feeds and event data in JAMS

·       Learn to proactively identify technical issues and escalate unmet requirements, looking beyond the immediate problem to build efficient, long-term solutions

·       Handle more complex questions or issues that may come in or be escalated by Technical Support Specialists by using investigative and troubleshooting skills

·       Escalate tickets for Developers, QA, or Ops when issues need higher-tier support or new features/development tickets are needed


·       A Bachelor’s degree in the related field is preferred

·       Experience with online ticketing system for logging and resolving issues

·       Experience working with job boards, job search engines, and recruitment technology platforms is a major plus

·       Working knowledge of JavaScript, Regular Expressions, and SQL

·       Basic knowledge of XML, HTML, or other markup languages

·       Basic understanding of URL tracking technology

·       Familiarity with current online tracking basics and platforms (JavaScript, Cookies, Pixels, Google Analytics, Facebook Tracking, etc.)

·       Basic debugging and browser-level troubleshooting for JavaScript execution

·       Familiar with FTP, sFTP, API technology

·       Great communication skills to translate technical language to non-technical users

·       Independent, self-motivated, and able to be flexible and multi-task in a fluid work environment

·       Ability to prioritize, organize, and manage work efficiently and effectively

·       Experience in a multi-client environment

·       Analytical skills with particular attention to detail