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Product Manager


Our client is looking for an agile Product Manager who will be at the forefront of the product development efforts during the validation phase. Reporting to the Vice President of Operations, you will work closely and cross-functionally with the team of engineers, designers, marketing department, client success team, and the managing director’s sales team as you develop and implement the product vision and roadmap. Your role will be dynamic and adaptive as you navigate the uncertainties of a startup, and your insights and decisions will directly impact the success of the products.

SCHEDULE: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (9:00 PM – 6:00 AM Philippine Standard Time), follows Philippine holidays




·       Perform the following product vision and validation tasks:

o   Lead the team in developing, communicating, and rallying around a clearly defined product vision—short-term and long-term—that will deliver strong value to the key stakeholders (client vendors and talent acquisition professional sales leads)

o   Create and implement a plan to validate product ideas through iterative development cycles

o   Develop a thorough understanding of key competitors and the problem uniquely positioned to solve through the business model's solution

o   Leverage understanding to propose the most salient product features possible to drive revenue

·       Perform the following product growth roadmap tasks:

o   Create and project manage a clear, detailed product plan that will most quickly and efficiently actualize the product vision

o   Own the upgraded product vision, roadmap, and strategy for increasing the product’s contracted recurring revenue and ROI

o   Lead the team in defining and refining the product roadmap based on validated learning, market feedback, and a deep understanding of the competitive landscape

o   Propose features and enhancements that optimize the end-to-end design and user experience across each of the properties

·       Perform the following Agile methodology tasks:

o   Embrace an agile mindset and champion agile methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban

o   Prioritize and manage the product backlog, ensuring the team is focused on delivering value in each sprint

o   Manage epics and tickets to provide visibility into epics, associated tickets, priority, and status

·       Perform the following tasks related to upgrading the Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

o   Define and deliver V2 of the MVP in your first 90 days, with smaller releases along the way, to test hypotheses and gather feedback early on

o   Iterate on the MVPs based on user insights and data, while ensuring the end-to-end design and user experience align with the business objectives of audience growth, buyer intent data collection, lead monetization, and marketplace profitability

o   Own excellence in quality control and the thorough product testing necessary to ensure it

·       Perform the following cross-functional collaboration tasks:

o   Collaborate closely with engineers, designers, marketing personnel, content creators, sales representatives, and operations specialists to ensure a holistic approach to product development

o   Prioritize and manage product development resources (engineers, designers, etc.)  to deliver roadmap items on time

o   Facilitate effective communication and coordination between team members, leveraging their expertise and input

o   Plan, communicate, and project manage proactively all elements of product updates/development that have an impact on other team members, stakeholders, and audiences

·       Perform the following user-centric approach-related tasks:

o   Research the needs of and advocate for the user continuously

o   Strive to deeply understand needs, pain points, and aspirations

o   Solicit and incorporate user feedback and data-driven insights (without using a lack of perfect data as a blocker to thoughtful decision-making) into the product development process, aligning the end-to-end design and user experience with the business objectives

·       Perform the following data analysis tasks:

o   Establish and utilize available data to analyze product metrics, user behavior, and market trends to gain and prioritize actionable insights

o   Make informed decisions based on data, while considering UX/UI best practices and entrepreneurial thinking

·       Perform the following tasks related to documentation:

o   Document work, including product decisions, feature requirements, PRDs, epics/tickets and their progress in sprints, user stories, and what both the internal team and external stakeholders should know about new and upcoming releases

o   Create and maintain comprehensive documentation of relevant product and engineering resources to support the success of product designers and software engineers


·       Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (computer science, engineering, business, or related discipline). Advanced degrees or relevant certifications are a plus

·       5+ years of experience as a product manager

·       Previous experience growing a startup or entrepreneurial environment, ideally through the validation phase

·       Experience with B2B marketplaces or with the recruitment industry both preferred

·       Experience with lead generation and/or subscription product experience

·       Familiarity with agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban, and experience working in cross-functional teams

·       Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to make strategic product decisions based on limited data, utilizing UX/UI best practices and entrepreneurial thinking

·       Strong computer aptitude, which includes expertise with Microsoft 365 applications

·       Entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for helping people do great things is a must

·       Excellent communication and collaboration skills