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Full Stack Developer


Our client is looking for a Full Stack Developer to join their growing team. This role is responsible for maintaining React-based front-end codebases, taking part in projects, and enhancing applications for back-end services.

SCHEDULE: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (12:00 AM – 9:00 AM Philippine Standard Time), follows Philippine holidays




·       Handle regular updates and maintenance of several React-based frontend codebases of varying ages, including package updates and codebase optimizations

·       Collaborate on new projects focusing on chat-based interfaces, requiring innovative solutions for real-time communication

·       Enhance and maintain the Laravel-based API, ensuring robust and scalable backend services


·       A Bachelor’s degree in the related field is an advantage

·       Expert in React, including hooks and class components

·       Experience working with codebases of varying ages, including legacy code maintenance and refactoring

·       Experience in developing chat-based interfaces and real-time communication applications

·       Experience in developing and maintaining RESTful APIs

·       Experience with version control systems, preferably Git

·       Experience with lowercase agile development methodologies

·       Skilled in package management and version control tools

·       Proficient in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3

·       Proficient in Laravel and PHP, with a strong understanding of MVC architecture

·       Understands UI/UX principles and design collaboration tools

·       Understands authentication and authorization mechanisms, such as OAuth and JWT

·       Strong knowledge of MySQL, including database design and optimization

·       Knowledge of integrating third-party services and APIs

·       Comfortable working with complex enterprise codebases

·       Ability to work in a team and independently

·       Excellent problem-solving skills

·       Strong communication skills in English, both written and verbal

·       Willing to adapt to new technologies and challenges